The Cardinal Difference

A Look Inside Our Warehouse: A Family-Owned Business with A Family of Employees

Cardinal Acoustics’ ability to provide quality products and concierge-level customer service is a direct result of our close-knit company culture. As a family-run business, our success relies on people working behind the scenes, such as those in our warehouse. When an order is placed with us, our team of warehouse employees are the ones who get it right and deliver it quickly. Below is a little more about this critical part of the Cardinal Acoustics’ team—our warehouse workers.

Building Our Warehouse Team

Our business is family-owned, and our warehouse employees are like a family too. Many have worked with each other or with Cardinal ownership for many years. Most have been with us since the company started, and all are invested in the opportunity to make a young company like ours successful.

Our hiring standards are another reason for strong collaboration among our warehouse staff. Rather than using job boards, Cardinal Acoustics hires through referrals. The staff recommends family and friends to join our team, and by hiring people they know, our warehouse team reinforces camaraderie and cooperation.

And because we’re flexible with accommodating our employees’ needs, our warehouse turnover is low. We also respect and appreciate their hard work, which contributes to warehouse teamwork and efficiency.

Our Warehouse’s Daily Processes

Multiple departments within our warehouse work together to fill orders. Three managers and twenty-one employees handle cutting, beveling, painting, fabrication, and quality control. Staff also loads, unloads, and moves materials and finished products within the warehouse.

When an order comes in, a folder is created detailing the materials and processes needed to complete it. It’s then slotted into our production schedule and sent to the appropriate departments where the ordered panels are fabricated. Finally, the quality control team compares the finished work to panel samples, making sure all is up to our high standards. Then it’s on to our crating room, where the panels are prepared for shipment.

Fulfilling Jobs Quickly without Sacrificing Quality

Cardinal Acoustics’ ability to deliver quickly is due to our management team and our employees caring about quality products and overcoming challenges. Our warehouse team takes pride in their work, and they put in time and effort to guarantee our high-quality products are speedily ready for our customers.

Learn More about Our Acoustical-Panel Products

We hope learning more about our warehouse operation illuminates Cardinal Acoustics’ quick deliveries of high-quality, well-fabricated wood fiber acoustical panels that create aural and visual ambiance and an attractive and functional space.

We are here for you. Contact us with any questions you have about our company or products.