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Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels with a Flame-Spread of Zero

All Cardinal Acoustics wood fiber products have received a Class A fire rating from the NFPA, with a perfect 0.0 flame-spread result. But what does that rating mean, how it’s given and why it’s important to consider in any construction project?

Earn an HSW Credit with Wood Fiber Acoustical Panel Lunch & Learn Program

Earning the required HSW certified learning units each year can be challenging. It can be an even bigger challenge to find an interesting and informative presentation that you haven’t already heard. We are a certified AIA program provider (and, naturally, we have the additional expertise to educate on the topic of acoustical panels).

Why Wood Fiber Is the Best Choice for Acoustical Panels

It may seem counter-intuitive that wood is a good material for noise absorption. After all, a room with wood paneling tends to reflect sound rather than absorb it. But when wood is processed into wood fiber, it is one of the best materials available to control acoustics.
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