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Why Wood Fiber Is the Best Choice for Acoustical Panels

It may seem counter-intuitive that wood is a good material for noise absorption. After all, a room with wood paneling tends to reflect sound rather than absorb it. But when wood is processed into wood fiber, it is one of the best materials available to control acoustics.

Sometimes called “wood wool” because of the appearance of fibers in each panel, the properties of acoustical wood fiber have been substantially changed from plain wood, making it the most durable and economical choice for absorbing sound in your next construction project. All Cardinal Acoustics’ products are manufactured using wood fiber.

Our Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels Are Environmentally Friendly

The wood fiber in our acoustical panels comes from poplar trees and is bound together with magnesium oxide. Poplar trees grow quickly and don’t require clear-cutting during harvesting, making them an easily renewable and environmentally friendly resource. Magnesium oxide (the fiber binder) is an abundant, naturally occurring mineral, which means that our wood fiber panels are eco-friendly. You can install our panels in any area without worrying about environmental consequences.

Using wood fiber in acoustical panels also makes them denser and adds to their sound-absorption properties. Our wood fiber panels are strong, substantial, and long-lasting and come with a limited lifetime warranty—making them a wise investment for any project.

Our Acoustical Panels Are Easy to Cut, Shape, and Paint

Another advantage to using Cardinal Acoustics’ wood fiber for acoustical panels is that they are easy to customize.  Essentially, you can treat our wood fiber panels like you would any piece of wood. They can be shaped using any standard woodworking tool; you can cut them using a table saw or put a bevel on them with a router, and the composite nature of our acoustical panels means that they will not split or crack. You can even create custom lengths, widths, and shapes (hexagonal, circular, or triangular) that fit your installation’s particular needs.

You can also paint them up to three times without losing any of their acoustical properties. And because our panels also resist impact and abuse, they will remain beautiful for years.

Our Acoustical Panels Are Economical

With all those above-listed qualities, our wood fiber acoustical panels are economical and are crafted from naturally occurring, renewable, and easily sourced materials rather than from manufactured components.

We here at Cardinal Acoustics are proud of our wood fiber acoustical panels’ composition, performance, and longevity, and we’ll happily answer any questions you have about their makeup or use. Give us a call at 614-721-3001, email us at, or fill out the contact form on our website.