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Earn an HSW Credit with Wood Fiber Acoustical Panel Lunch & Learn Program

Earning the required HSW certified learning units each year can be challenging. It can be an even bigger challenge to find an interesting and informative presentation that you haven’t already heard. We are a certified AIA program provider (and, naturally, we have the additional expertise to educate on the topic of acoustical panels).

If you need to pick up an HSW certified learning unit, we have an interesting and engaging lunch & learn program that can help you earn one.

Health, Safety, and Welfare—and Acoustical Panels

Yes, it is possible to have an interesting and informative HSW session about acoustical panels. There is a specific set of learning objectives for this manufacturer agnostic presentation. Learning objectives include:

• Wood Fiber Panels

- Features and benefits

- Applications

• Designing with Wood Fiber

- Installation guidelines and details

• Interior Acoustics

- How to solve difficult reverberant spaces by employing wood fiber panels

• Credits: 1 Learning Unit; Credit Designation HSW/LU

In this AIA-approved lunch & learn, one of our certified reps will discuss acoustics, including definitions and how to address reverberation and sound control in building design. We discuss the history of wood fiber, how the product is manufactured, and the properties that make wood fiber panels superior to other types of acoustical panels.

We also cover the safe and effective installation of wood fiber acoustical panels and include guidelines for handling and painting acoustical panels.

Arranging for a Lunch & Learn at Your Location

If you’re interested in obtaining an HSW certified learning unit or offering a lunch and learn at your firm, any of our independent sales reps can arrange a presentation at your workplace. We provide lunch and the presentation. You’ll only need to gather your troops and inform them about the HSW unit that is available.

If you don’t already have one of our certified reps in your contact list, please give us a call at 614-721-3001 or email us at and we’ll put you in touch with a rep in your area who can lead your HSW lunch & learn.