Case Studies

Acoustical Solution for Bullitt Lick Middle School

The Facilities Manager of Bullitt Lick Middle School in Shepherdsville, KY contacted us with hopes of improving the acoustics in the school’s gymnasium. Gymnasiums are used for a variety of activities; physical education, sporting events, and assemblies. With such a diverse application of uses, it’s important that adults and students be able to hear clearly and understand what’s being communicated within the space. When there is too much reverberation, hearing becomes difficult for everyone.

After construction, the school administrators realized there was an acoustical problem within the gymnasium. This happens for a variety of reasons—but usually, sound reduction materials simply aren’t in the initial budget. Many clients learn over time that optimized acoustics are necessary for getting the most out of their space and as a result, we’re often called in retroactively to help remedy the acoustics.

We partnered with architect Cate Noble Ward, from Studio Kremer Architects on this project. We ran a reverberation report, calculated the size of the space and the building materials used, and determined which Cardinal Acoustics panels would be needed to achieve the desired reverberation levels.

The panels featured here are 1” Cardinal Complete Panels which were custom painted in Sherwin Williams 6524 Commodore to match the Bullitt Lick school colors.