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Discovering Cardinal Acoustics Products with MasterSpec®

As Cardinal Acoustics grows, and because we constantly look for ways to better serve the architects, contractors, and other construction-industry members who count on us for high-quality acoustical panels, we have recently listed our products in MasterSpec®.

The platform’s users are architects and engineers, that trust MasterSpec® to provide them with the highest quality product specification content at the time they are making product decisions. Our inclusion establishes trust and provides convenience for our architectural customers.

What Is MasterSpec?

MasterSpec®, a product of the American Institute of Architects, is used by twenty-one of the country’s top twenty-five architect firms. Thanks to the software’s easy-to-use SpecBuilder Cloud, the user controls a project’s materials while receiving input during development. Because so many subscribers use MasterSpec as a tool to verify spec content and access cloud-based editing tools, we joined to further serve our partners.

Whether you’re researching the best product for your job or you have already selected our acoustical panels to complete the perfect acoustical environment for your project and need to verify specs, MasterSpec® is the perfect tool. The MasterSpec® staff pre-screened and ensured that Cardinal Acoustics’ product listings meet the requirements for the platform. When users find information about our acoustical panels in MasterSpec®, they can be confident that the data is current, accurate and complete.

MasterSpec® Provides More Services and Solutions to Our Clients

Because MasterSpec® provides easily accessible, detailed information, it removes guesswork from a job and reduces research time for users. Data about our wood fiber panels is available in the database anytime our customers need access.

Through MasterSpec’s research and editing tool SpecBuilder Cloud, architects and engineers can access, review, edit and build a specification from Cardinal Acoustic’s Enhanced Listing content, then drop it into the project documents. SpecBuilder Cloud will also include Cardinal Acoustics’ Basis of Design, proprietary product specification, Product MasterSpec®, product catalog as well as full contact information.  

And because MasterSpec® vets and approves our products’ designs and measurements as a member of MasterSpec®, users can trust that our acoustical panels meet MasterSpec’s desired specifications. This verification reflects our value of holding Cardinal Acoustics to a high standard.

Servicing Customers Remains Our Goal

Our commitment to customer service includes simplifying finding our products and providing in-depth specifications about our acoustical panels; MasterSpec® solves both issues—for us and our clients. We research and accumulate the best materials to construct our wood fiber acoustical panels, and we found a database partner that upholds similar high-quality standards.

Without our valued customers, our growth rate would not be as strong as it has been. MasterSpec® will be a great tool for extending the great customer service we’re known to offer. If you still have questions about a product spec, or just want to talk about our process, get in touch with us!