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Don’t Press Pause: Cardinal Acoustics’ Continued Supply Chain Will Meet Your Demand

The COVID-19 crisis has launched the construction industry into uncharted territory. Many architects and builders may be unsure about initiating new projects and carrying out ongoing projects for clients. No doubt, our industry rapidly changes, but at Cardinal Acoustics we adapted, safeguarded our supply chain, and are optimizing our operations so you can count on us to meet your acoustical-paneling needs.

If You’re Building, We Have Supplies

Across the U.S., schools, restaurants, churches, gyms and office buildings are closed. While this is an unfortunate situation for many who are facing barriers to work, it could be an opportunity for those who are fortunate to still be working. For those builders in unique situations, vacant facilities may provide an opportunity to get a head start on projects.

Stay-at-home orders affect many places that need effective sound-control systems. Most states aren’t enforcing blocks on construction as long as teams are small and following recommended safety precautions. We’re here to supply product to those who are fortunate enough to have that flexibility.

Cardinal Acoustics Safeguards Supply Chain

Many wood fiber acoustical panel manufacturers are facing supply chain disruption; suffering from closed factories, delayed shipments, and other obstacles related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we have experienced minor delays, our supply chain remains intact and we’re still fulfilling orders.

The health and well being of our staff and the community is our highest priority. We’re following safety recommendations and working with a reduced warehouse staff. Our dedication to customer service and transparency is held at the forefront, and we’re working closely with our clients to craft orders and realistic lead times.

From the outset of this crisis, we have proactively diversified options for supplier and material sourcing. We’ve adapted to an ever-changing climate, and we pay attention to and closely monitor the big picture before deciding our next step.

Fast Shipping and No Minimums

Distributors, contractors, and architects working through us can rest assured that they will receive orders in a timely manner. We’re working hard to meet two-to-four-week lead times and taking the taking the necessary steps to ensure as few disruptions as possible for our shipping processes.

You’ll find all of our materials in stock, and we continue to fulfill project requirements for all contractors, distributors, and rep quotes.

Do you have an unconventional sound absorption need? We’re able to offer diverse panel sizing and customization options for a wide range of customizable wood fiber acoustical panels, available in lengths up to 96” and widths up to 48” inches and thicknesses as little as 5/8”.

Looking for Answers?

Because we’re proactive, our deliveries will remain on schedule with low lead times. We can deliver standard material orders of wood fiber acoustical panels across the U.S. twice as fast as most of our competitors. Custom orders will arrive within three-to-six weeks. And, we continue to offer no-minimum orders ideal for smaller and custom construction projects.

At Cardinal Acoustics, we remain confident that the industry will survive and thrive after the pandemic. As key players instill similar confidence in their clients and vendors, work will continue during this time of closures and beyond.

We know there are added challenges right now, and we’re ready to help our clients and partners reach creative solutions to overcome them. Get a hold of us and we’ll answer any questions you have about stock, shipment, or how acoustical panels can control noise and beautify surroundings in your construction and renovation projects.