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FAQs about Customizing Our Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels

You’ll find an FAQ page on our website covering general questions we often receive about our wood fiber acoustical panels. The blog allows us the opportunity to add granularity to those FAQs and share further information. In this post, we’ll expand specifically on questions about customization and sizing of our products.

What Are My Options for Customization of Your Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels?

We craft standard acoustical panels in 2-foot and 4-foot widths. For length, we offer standard lengths of 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 feet. With this as a starting point, there are many possibilities for customizing our wood fiber acoustical panels.

Say, for example, that you need panels that are 2½ feet wide and 6¾ feet long. We can cut panels to that size and have them delivered ready to install. That involves a custom cut charge. We can also customize panel groupings larger than 4x8 feet by combining multiple pieces of acoustical panels.

Can Cardinal Acoustics Products be Field-Fabricated?

Of course, you can easily cut panels yourselves. Our wood fiber acoustical panels are easily cut cleanly with a circular or table saw, after which a bevel can be added to the edges with a router. So, if you do need custom cuts, you can choose to handle that customization yourself.

There are numerous other situations where you may wish to handle field fabrication yourself. Some of our clients run into issues in the field. Perhaps the standard sizing doesn’t quite match the actual space as planned, or the contractor needs to install around conduits, I-beams, fire sprinkler heads or cameras. Each of these situations is easy to address with field fabrication, which is a breeze with our wood fiber acoustical panels.

Can Cardinal Acoustics Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels be Painted?

Paint can be applied to our acoustical panels in the field, but it must be spray applied. This is because rolling paint in the seals can clog the many sound-absorption holes in the panels, compromising acoustical integrity. On our website, we have a detailed field painting sheet that outlines the best type of spray gun, coverage, and pressure needed for effective painting.

Additionally, when paint is applied correctly, you can repaint our wood fiber acoustical panels twice more, for a total of three coats, before you begin to lose any acoustical value.

How Do You Attach Cardinal Acoustics Panels to the Wall or Ceiling?

Again, we have detailed installation instructions available on our website, but we often get specific questions, which we’re happy to answer. Sometimes contractors want to install our acoustical panels with glue, which we don’t recommend. In general, you’re attaching our panels to one of three types of material: concrete or masonry, metal, and wood or drywall.

We always recommend screw fasteners designed for each type of wall or ceiling material. Screw heads can be painted to match the wood fiber acoustical panels, so the heads are difficult to spot when installed correctly. Use sharp-point drywall screws for drywall, wood furring or light gauge steel framing. Use tapcon screws for masonry and self-drilling drywall screws for heavier gauge metal. We generally recommend between 5/8–1-inch penetration beyond the acoustical panel to ensure a secure attachment.

If you have questions about the customization, sizing, or attachment of our wood fiber acoustical panels, please visit our website FAQs or call us at 614.721.3001.