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FSC Certification Shows Our Commitment to Responsibly Sourced Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels

Cardinal Acoustics provides an eco-friendly, quality sound-absorption product. Our wood fiber acoustical panels pass world class sound-absorption tests and meet the highest industry standards. And they are sourced with concern for the environment.

Because we commit to protecting forest wildlife and ensuring fair and safe conditions for forest workers and indigenous populations, Cardinal Acoustics has sought and received Forest Stewardship Council certification for our product line. Here’s more about that certification, its rigorous process, and its importance.

What is the FSC?

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global non-government organization established to promote responsible forest management through eco-labeling. They oversee responsible sourcing and sustainable processes used by various industries employing forest operations.

FSC-certified forest operations care for forest wildlife, ensure fair and safe conditions for forest workers and indigenous peoples, and protect natural communities. FSC-certified companies and products are socially responsible and focus on environmental concerns.

FSC bases their certifications on materials used in manufacturing—for example, virgin, mixed recycled, and fully recycled materials. Cardinal Acoustics received a Chain of Custody (CofC) certificate for our wood fiber acoustical panels that indicates they are made of 100 percent virgin-wood-wool material from FSC-certified forests.

The Chain of Custody Certification Process

FSC certification begins with a scope of certificate, which shows a manufacturer’s products offered on the market fall under FSC guidelines.

The next step in the process outlines a CoC procedure to be employed that (1) ensures products remain a certified material from the time it leaves the forest until it reaches the consumer and (2) proves that illegal forest trading did not occur at any point. The procedure also includes training staff for their roles and responsibilities in the process.

After a company establishes the CoC process, it schedules an audit and a site evaluation. Once the company passes these steps, FSC awards a five-year-valid certification that also requires an annual surveillance audit. After five years, FSC conducts a re-certification audit that employs the initial certification process.

Why Does This Matter?

Eco-friendly and responsibly-source products interest consumers who increasingly choose and promote sustainability, and Cardinal Acoustics’ customers reflect those values. Having an FSC CoC certification proves that our systems and procedures ensure effective control of certified material at any stage—purchasing, production, storage, transport, and sale—and confirms that our products are environmentally friendly, green, and not just a sales pitch.

We completed the FSC certification because responsible sourcing is a core part of Cardinal Acoustics’ mission. Connect with us to learn more about FSC certification and to answer your questions about how our acoustical panels control noise and beautify surroundings.