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Getting to Know Our Acoustical Panel Partners: IDI Distributors

At Cardinal Acoustics, we recognize that much of our success depends on great partnerships. Our ability to provide you with quality wood fiber acoustical panels is certainly enhanced by a network of quality representatives and distributors. In this post, we spotlight one of the key partners that help us bring the best acoustical panels to your building project.

IDI Distributors – A Growing Company

Started 40 years ago by Joe Novogratz as a family business, IDI Distributors has become one of the top wholesale insulation sources in the United States. With a motto of “We make contractors more profitable,” they have grown to over 50 locations across the USA, all providing access to Cardinal Acoustics products.

To learn more about IDI, we spoke with National Ceilings Manager Mike Reynolds about the company.

“We usually sell to subcontractors who are installing our core business insulation,” Mike said. “Because of IDI’s nationwide reach and vast inventory, we can be very competitive and make a commitment to service most projects within 48 hours.”

Forging a Partnership

IDI’s customer-first philosophy makes them a perfect fit with Cardinal Acoustics. We have worked together on numerous projects and have many more in the works.

In Atlanta, IDI teamed up with a contractor to install Cardinal Acoustics panels in the corporate headquarters of a multi-brand restaurant company which parents several popular fast food brands across the nation. This client chose our direct attached wall and ceiling panels for their high sound absorption, durability and clean aesthetic.

We’ve also partnered with IDI to provide acoustical solutions to high schools, middle schools, and churches throughout Ohio and Michigan.

Mike noted that the client chose our products and services because of our efficiency. In the Construction Industry the word “custom” usually signifies high cost and long lead times.  Cardinal Acoustics in conjunction with IDI was able to dispel this myth by providing a higher value product in half the time.

What Lies Ahead for IDI and Cardinal Acoustics?

IDI’s main footprint is residential but now is increasingly focused on growing the commercial side of the business. As a result, they’re designing new commercial brochures and hiring talent to focus on networking with commercial contractors.

Like us, IDI recognizes the value of ongoing partnerships to grow their business. Because of this, Cardinal Acoustics and IDI have worked together at conventions like the CISCA Ceiling Product Showcase in Nashville and the upcoming INTEX Construction Expo in Las Vegas.

As Mike tells it, “We're all in with Cardinal Acoustics. They’re one of the best partners we have and they are really supportive of us as well, since we have experts throughout the country promoting and selling their products.”

So, if you’re looking for a great insulation distributor, contact Mike Reynolds at IDI or call him directly at (630) 442-4338. And when looking for attractive, cost-effective noise reduction solutions, count on Cardinal Acoustics. Contact us at to learn more about our wood fiber acoustical panels.