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Giving Back as a Company and an Industry and Association Leader

Meeting colleagues is an essential way to learn about an industry’s innovations and issues. These connections improve work and products, and for Cardinal Acoustics, its membership in the Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA) is one such industry connection.

Cardinal Acoustics’ leadership has maintained a strong relationship with CISCA. We’ve participated over the years in many of its programs and functions, and now our peers and colleagues in that organization are recognizing some of Cardinal Acoustic’s contributions. We’re proud to announce our president Bill Khourie has been elected to CISCA’s board of directors. He’s excited to contribute to the future of an organization and an industry that has given him and Cardinal Acoustics so much.

CISCA and Our Industry’s Growth

Controlling sound with architectural products, such as acoustical panels, was not a common practice sixty to seventy years ago, but the association that became CISCA and its early founders and members changed that. The organization, founded in 1950 to represent the new acoustical ceiling panel industry, grew rapidly. Through a newsletter and a magazine, and various membership gatherings it educated the members themselves and their customers about best practices for creating the HVAC, lighting, and acoustical envelope of a structure’s rooms and floors.

CISCA was initially only for contractors, but over time manufacturers and distributors were allowed to join, and eventually participate in the organization’s leadership. As CISCA evolved, its members assisted and inspired each other, and grew and improved the industry.

CISCA champions members’ work and products in architecture, construction, and legislation. Some of CISCA’s specific projects and initiatives supporting acoustical panels in architecture and construction have benefited companies such as Cardinal Acoustics. And during the global supply-chain issues experienced by all industries, CISCA supported its members and gave them information and talking points for colleagues and customers.

Leadership and Building Future Leaders

Bill Khourie was invited to the executive-board because he is a longtime member of CISCA and heavily involved in the organization. Khourie’s tasks will include aligning CISCA’s activities and their strategic plan and promoting and supporting CISCA membership and events. Given his long tenure as an involved and active member of CISCA and the industry, he’s well-qualified to contribute to these activities.

And Bill isn’t the only Cardinal Acoustics leader involved with CISCA. Vice President Dan Khourie and Sales Account Manager Aaron Campbell participate in CISCA’s Emerging Leaders program. This four-year experience builds participants’ leadership skills while introducing them to various viewpoints of membership and the industry. CISCA describes this experience as a four-legged stool (manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and reps represent each leg). Through networking and education opportunities, participants form a greater, more holistic understanding of ceilings and interior systems and develop relationships and common ground with their colleagues who work in other areas.

CISCA and Cardinal Acoustics

Cardinal Acoustics is grateful for CISCA offering networking and educational opportunities because those connections and programs help improve our product and offer superior customer service. We’re also proud to be able to serve CISCA and its members. Please reach out to us and ask any questions on how wood fiber acoustical panels control sound and aesthetically enhance spaces.