Case Studies

M3 Contracting, LLC and Cardinal Acoustics: A Partnership with Proven Success

Our goal at Cardinal Acoustics is to provide eco-friendly, quality acoustical panels with the best sound absorption. And because we also want them to look great when installed, we offer customized options for creating beautiful designs. We recently partnered with M3 Contracting, LLC to install Cardinal Complete Series Wall Panels in a Maryland school. The installation remedied acoustical challenges and created visual interest that is in theme with the school’s colors.  

An Overview of M3 Contracting, LLC

M3 Contracting, LLC, established in 2009, is a commercial drywall contractor serving the regions of Maryland, District of Columbia, northern Virginia, and Delaware. They provide metal-stud framing, drywall, acoustical ceilings, doors, frames and hardware, rough carpentry, insulation, exterior sheathing, and air-barriers services. And they’re a great partner that professionally installs our acoustical-panel products.

M3 Contracting, LLC installs specialty products ranging from fabric panels, diffusers and absorbers, cementitious wood fiber and gel-coated panels, metal ceilings, wood ceilings, barrel ceilings, and hanging baffles. They usually install these products in high-noise locations such as, lobbies, cafeterias, auditoriums, and gymnasiums. For more information, visit their website.

Tilden/Rock Terrace School’s Quality Sound Absorption Experience

Tilden/Rock Terrace School is a new-build elementary and middle school located in Rockville, Maryland. Montgomery County Public Schools awarded the 9A Package for this school to M3 Contracting, LLC, who partnered with Keller Brothers Inc. to complete the 250,000 square-foot building.

Our quality sound-absorption plan met the school’s new-build needs, looked great, and addressed their concerns about controlling sound in loud, open areas such as the gymnasium, music rooms, auditoriums, dining rooms, and vestibules.     

We worked with M3 Contracting, LLC to identify the school’s unique needs and created a plan to install our Cardinal Complete Series Wall Panels. They coordinated with Samaha Associates and Montgomery Public Schools to incorporate more than ten colors in fifty different sizes, creating visual interest around the school. When the project was complete, M3 Contracting, LLC installed a total of 1,300 Cardinal Complete wood fiber acoustical panels—resulting in an aesthetically pleasing noise control solution.

Highlights of Partnership with M3 Contracting, LLC

Communication and timeliness featured prominently in our successful partnership with M3 Contracting, LLC. Throughout the project, we provided information and support such as shop drawings, labeled panels, and more for an installation completed just as the architect intended. Because paint on wood fiber looks slightly different than paint on paper, metal, or most other surfaces, we also provided several rounds of custom painted samples so we could ensure the architect received the precise colors needed. We ensured that they received flawless product in a timely manner so they could execute the project quickly and professionally.

The result? A skillfully installed, durable and sleek sound control solution for Tilden/Rock Terrace schools.  

In the words of M3 Contracting, LLC, "The team at Cardinal Acoustics was a pleasure to work with… The successful execution of the project was a direct result of our collaboration." And we couldn’t agree more! We’re proud to partner with high-caliber companies such as them.  

If you have a new or existing build in need of sound control paired with beautiful design, connect with us! Learn more about our eco-friendly products, collaborative partnerships, transparent process, and how acoustical panels control noise and beautify surroundings.