Our Partners

Partner Spotlight: Specified. Brings Cardinal Acoustics to Mid-South Builders and Architects

Cardinal Acoustics has exceptional global partnerships with distributors and independent representatives, and together, we provide superior acoustical panels and worldwide service to our customers. This collaboration ensures architects, builders, contractors, and supply companies receive a personal sales experience when they purchase our products. Specified. is one of these great companies representing Cardinal Acoustics products in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Conception to Completion

Specified. is a small family-owned business founded in 1990. The company’s values closely match Cardinal Acoustics’, which makes them a great partner. Based in Houston, Texas, Specified. represents specialty interior and exterior building products and materials, including acoustical panels. Specified. collaborates with architects, designers, and contractors and assists a project’s conception and completion.

Guided by this hands-on philosophy, Specified. believes that the sale is the beginning of a relationship, not the end. Team members guide customers and offer product information, cost analysis, drawings, project timelines, and more. Because the construction process is often unpredictable, Specified. tries to help solve any problems their clients encounter. During projects, Specified. serves as a liaison between the factory and installers to ensures results fulfill all parties’ expectations.

Project Collaboration: Hotel Acoustical Panels

Cardinal Acoustics and Specified. have worked together on numerous projects, solving challenges, and meeting the needs of customers. One recent collaboration was The Thompson Hotel in San Antonio. The hotel offers guest accommodations, an event space, and a restaurant, and reducing noise is critical because many of those spaces are used simultaneously. Hotel management wanted reduced echoes and a simple-to-maintain and easy-to-install solution. Because this project was on a condensed timeline and management needed available materials, Specified. connected them to wood fiber acoustical panels that met their criteria. Cardinal Acoustics transported custom-painted panels to the job site, which were installed within three weeks of purchase.

Project Collaboration: Gym Acoustical Panels

Cardinal Acoustics and Specified. delivered similar results to Austin’s East Side Memorial High School. The school needed durable acoustical panels for its gymnasium that could withstand the impact of volleyballs, basketballs, and soccer balls. Cardinal Acoustics provided quality, long-lasting materials and a lifetime warranty and assured the school-board members we would stand behind our product.

Panels and People

Cardinal Acoustics appreciates Specified.’s hard work representing our products and Specified. appreciates our attention to customer service and willingness to going above and beyond customer expectations. Here’s what Beau Johnson, Specified.’s vice president of sales, says about Cardinal Acoustics, "From our perspective, it’s fun to represent a company that has a fair price, superior acoustic capabilities and exhibits great energy specs that outperform the competition. Because of this, they have a more economical, superior product and this is Cardinal’s time to shine."

We appreciate the passion and remain committed to providing Specified.—and all our representatives—reliable products and custom colors, timely estimates, and excellent customer service.

In-Person and Onsite

As the country adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic, Specified. is eager to jump into new projects and provide exceptional service to their customers. The staff at Specified. are ready to meet their clients’ acoustical panel needs—through in-person sales meetings and onsite problem-solving—using outstanding Cardinal Acoustics products.

And Cardinal Acoustics remains committed to providing quality wood fiber acoustical panels and exceptional customer service. We celebrate our partners, such as Specified., extending our commitment to our customers and the field.

For additional information regarding Cardinal Acoustics products or to connect with a sales representative, please contact us, and we can help meet your acoustical needs.