The Cardinal Difference

Providing Acoustical Panel Industry Solutions with Family-Run Operations

What do you do when you have over 20 years of business experience in the acoustical field and the company you work for is bought out by large conglomerate? You start a family business obviously! That’s exactly what William Khourie did when he and his wife Lisa started Cardinal Acoustics over 3 years ago.

Their two sons, Bill and Dan also worked in the industry, so the idea of a family business made total sense. Together they set out to re-invent the wood fiber acoustical market as Cardinal Acoustics. With a simple business model: provide great customer service, have lightning quick lead times and provide a high-quality acoustical panel at an economical price; our company was formed.  Here is some background on that beginning. 

A Growing Need for Something Better

Getting together was one thing but determining how to manufacture a wood fiber product that was superior to the competition and implementing product testing were the next challenges. So, William, Dan and Bill began months of product research, looking at manufacturers around the world, to find a partner that could help them bring their vision to reality.

The search took them to an Ohio engineering firm that works with companies like Proctor & Gamble and Georgia Pacific. We formed a partnership with that company to provide program management and to engineer the product improvements we wanted, and that’s how Cardinal Acoustics as you know it was born. The family joining forces not only extended a legacy but also solved an array of industry problems.

Changing the Game

Our wood fiber, acoustical-panel company proudly manufactures our product using the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials available, resulting in panels with the highest sound absorption ratings. We’ve eliminated corporate unresponsiveness for customers: a smaller, family-owned structure provides more personal interactions with our customers. And rather than selling a large number of different products, we specialize in wood fiber acoustical panels, warehousing only one type of product which allows for extremely fast shipping.

Cardinal Acoustics’ solutions don’t end there. Our nimbler team innovates products rather than stagnating product lines. Multiple testing methods help us maintain our innovation as much today as when we first established the company.

Built on Something Different

Manufacturing and improving our own quality product, testing done by the most reputable facilities in the nation, expediting shipping times, and providing excellent customer service are our founding values. Our primary mission is to better serve and improve the industry.

We believe in trades working together efficiently and effectively by providing an environmentally friendly, acoustically sound product that we can proudly stand behind. We believe that our product changes our customers’ livelihood. Our acoustical panels often do the job they are designed to do as a background element (although they can be extremely attractive and noticeable when need be). Even though acoustical panels may not get much credit because of this, it means they’re reducing noise as intended.

We also believe in the power of a family-run business. Our customers speak directly with company showrunners, and our customers know that they speak to someone who cares about more than retiring and who has skin in the game.

Cardinal Acoustics thrives on being better. We’re dedicated to improving our products and service. Although we’ve grown over the years, being a family-owned business personally connected to clients remains our top priority. If you need sound control, connect with us for information and to ask how our acoustical panels control noise and beautify surroundings.