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Thinner Is Better: Advantages of 5/8” Wood Fiber Panels

Choosing the right sound absorption materials for your project can depend on a lot of factors; the acoustical needs of the space, the aesthetic needs of the space, and the physical limitations of the space. Acoustical panel manufacturers typically offer three thicknesses for products: 1”,1 ½” and 2”. Cardinal Acoustics offers these thicknesses, but we also provide a harder to find 5/8” wood fiber acoustical panels, which could likely be the best solution for your next installation.

Here are a few reasons why thinner can sometimes be better.  

Superior Sound Absorption

One thing we’re often asked about the 5/8” panels is “Do the thinner and lighter panels sacrifice sound absorption?” While the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of our 1” and 1 ½” panels range from .6 to 1.0, our thinner acoustical panels still boast an impressive NRC of .45 – .80. Frankly, that’s an adequate amount of sound absorption for most projects. And it’s an even better absorption rate than what most of our competitors’ thicker panels can offer.

A More Cost-Effective Option

The base price of the 5/8” acoustical panels is lower because they simply require less material to produce. That weight difference brings in savings as well when you consider shipping costs. Finally, you will likely save on labor costs—if your acoustical panels are lighter, it will ease overhead installation and reduce the number of workers needed to install the product on your walls or ceiling.

Lightweight Acoustical Panels Are Easier to Handle

A thinner panel will be lighter weight because less material is used in each panel. Acoustical panels generally weigh around two to four pounds per square foot (without an additional layer of paint). When you’re working with a four-by-eight-foot panel, the weight difference between our 5/8” panel and the standard 1” panel adds up to approximately fifteen pounds.

If you have plans to fabricate the product in the field, a lighter weight product is significantly easier to handle when it comes to shaping or beveling.  

Installation Process for 5/8” Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels

Our thinner, lighter acoustical panels are fastened to the wall or ceiling in the same manner that thicker panels are. Mechanical fasteners should be used to attach every wood fiber acoustical panel to a building (wall or ceiling). In order to perform without hazard, each panel needs to be installed professionally and correctly.

Cardinal Acoustics’ thinner 5/8” acoustical panels are easier to handle, less expensive, and for most installations, provide better acoustics. We know that the sounds you are required to address influence which acoustical panel you need. If your project requires panels that can absorb lower frequencies, such as bass sounds, we recommend our thicker 1” and 1 ½” panels. If you’re looking to absorb relatively high-frequency sounds, our thinner acoustical panels are an excellent choice. To learn more about our acoustical panels and to discuss your particular needs, contact us using our online form or call us at 614.721.3001.