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Cardinal Acoustics Relocates to Springfield, OH to Accommodate Growth and Future Plans

Cardinal Acoustics is excited to announce that we have purchased a new warehouse space in Springfield, OH. We’re fortunate to have experienced rapid growth in the last few years and this is the next logical move. The new space will allow us to better serve our current and future customers and more efficiently manufacture and ship our wood fiber acoustical panels. The best part is, we’ll be able to retain all the most valuable aspects of our existing business during and after this transition.  

Rapid Growth = More Space

Four years ago, we were renting a small, 3,500 square foot warehouse space. A year ago, we were renting 36,000 square feet, and now we own 62,000 square feet.

We always knew we could achieve this rapid level of growth – and it’s thanks to our incredible reps, partners, and staff that it’s become a reality. We’re committed to using this change to better serve and support them.

The new warehouse almost doubles our existing space, enabling us to improve our processes and fulfill more acoustical panel orders. Thanks to Springfield’s proximity to Columbus and Dayton, we’ll be able to have an increased corporate presence in the warehouse while retaining the core staff and integral employees who’ve helped us grow since the beginning.

Excellence in Wood Fiber Acoustical Panel Production

We are excited to further refine the cornerstone of our business and our success: excellent customer service. In our new space, we will have increased on-hand inventory and improved workflows.

Steve McBride, Director of Operations has already seen the positive impacts of the relocation on workflow efficiencies, “We have been able to lay out operational steps in a more efficient flow pattern. The new warehouse has separate loading and receiving docks so neither of those activities will interfere with the other. And increased room for stock will allow us to fulfill orders more quickly and efficiently.”

We are using this transition period to introduce a new operating system, Global Shop, which will tie all our processes together seamlessly. This addition will further improve efficiencies and make it easier for our employees to ensure accuracy and consistency in their work.

“We have plenty of room for growth, whether it be more stock, more machines, or more employees,” said Billy Khourie, Vice President of Operations. The symbolism of ownership is significant as well. “We are cementing our spot in the industry by owning, demonstrating that we’re not going anywhere,” Khourie said.

Keeping the Keys to Our Success

Since Springfield is about half an hour from Dayton, most employees will be able to make the transition with us, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of more space while keeping the people who helped make us great in the first place.

McBride has noticed the morale boost the transition has had on the team, “Employees are excited to come to work in a nicer, newer, and more spacious warehouse. Our more tenured and long-term employees are finding this move to be a sign that Cardinal Acoustics is cementing itself in this industry for the long run."  

Longer-term staff members who are ready to take on leadership roles will have room, literally and figuratively, to do so. The new location may make future hiring easier too. “Now, we can source talent from Dayton and Springfield” said Khourie. Springfield is an excellent location where we can grow our company during its next four years and beyond. We are looking forward to many more years of providing excellent wood fiber acoustical products and equally good customer service.