The Cardinal Difference

How We Achieve Two-Week Lead Times for Wood Fiber Acoustical Panel Orders

Obtaining materials in a timely fashion is one of the great challenges for any construction project. Waiting on-site for materials to arrive is common but it doesn’t have to be. We can deliver standard material orders of wood fiber acoustical panels within two weeks—sometimes even sooner—which is twice as fast as most of our competitors. Custom orders arrive within four weeks. It’s just one of the ways we try to make life a little easier for our clients.

Many contractors and architects are surprised to learn about just how fast our turnaround process is. Here’s an explanation of how we ship our product to your jobsite quickly, efficiently, and without compromising quality of product or customer service.

Investing in Inventory

One strategy for manufacturing products such as acoustical panels, suggests that products should be assembled when the order is placed. This process benefits the manufacturer by eliminating the need (and cost) for warehousing but results in the client having to wait longer for the product to be manufactured and modified to meet their needs before the product is shipped.

We have a different strategy at Cardinal Acoustics: We invest in inventory, and we stock a warehouse with large quantities of our products. When distributors or clients contact us, we pull standard acoustical panels from the shelves, modify them for our clients’ needs, and send our products out the door usually within a week of receiving the order. If your order requires no changes or customization, we can pack and send them out within a day or two from when your order is placed.

Modifying Our Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels to Meet Your Needs

Fast delivery doesn’t mean sacrificing customization. We have all the equipment on site to custom finish our panels and this is the second reason we deliver wood fiber acoustical panels quicker than our competitors. We fulfill customer needs (including specific shapes, beveled edges, and custom panel painting) within four weeks, twice as fast as our competitors.  

Shipping Your Acoustical Panels Across the USA

Finally, our plant and warehouse are located in Dayton, Ohio, and this central location reinforces a quick and efficient delivery system so we can get our wood fiber acoustical panels to your jobsite anywhere in the continental United States. Our team of experts are ready to meet each client’s unique needs and are trained to work with you to customize your order of wood fiber acoustical panels to meet your project’s requirements.

If you have any questions about our manufacturing, inventory, modification, or shipping processes, contact us, and we’ll quickly and personally answer your questions.