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Precision and Efficiency: Cardinal Acoustics’ New Superfici Paint Line

Cardinal Acoustics has welcomed many positive changes in 2021. We purchased a new, significantly larger warehouse in Springfield, OH, and will implement new operating software, Global Shop. Both of these will allow us to better serve our existing customers and expand our business. Now, we are bringing in a compact spraying paint line from Superfici America, which will help increase our capacity while maintaining our quality standards for our wood fiber acoustical panels.

Why Superfici?

We were seeking a way to automate the paint application and curing process. Our goal was to improve our painting transfer efficiency -- in other words, apply more paint on our wood fiber acoustical panels in less time while maintaining accuracy. Superfici America products fit our quality specifications. Superfici makes paint and finishing products for manufacturing industries. The parent company was founded more than 70 years ago and is based in Italy. Superfici America, its largest subsidiary, serves North America specifically.

Superfici’s spray-and-dry system allows us to specify the amount of paint we apply to each product so we can achieve consistent, high-quality results. Superfici’s machines are fully programmable, reducing the potential for human error. Each panel receives the ideal application of paint and drying time. The machines’ automation allows us to replicate these results perfectly throughout an entire product line, large or small.

Growing Together

We have grown considerably as a company in the last four years, and we anticipate expanding our business further. Superfici’s painting systems can grow with us. Their spray- and-dry systems have modular capabilities, allowing us to add more capacity to their existing machine, as needed. Superfici offers training to teams on the use and daily maintenance of their machines, allowing purchasers to get the most of their Superfici products. We are glad we can invest in our excellent team with additional training and specialized knowledge.

Our new spray-and-dry system will allow us to continue to expand our operations, making the painting portion of the wood fiber acoustical panel manufacturing process more efficient. The machines’ automated operations mean we can accept more orders for larger square footage projects, since we will have the additional painting capacity to manage larger throughputs of custom and varying colors accurately.

Cardinal Acoustics is excited to introduce this flat line spray-and-dry system to our production line, and we are looking forward to creating more high-quality wood fiber acoustical panels with Superfici’s product.