The Cardinal Difference

Making A Difference

The wood fiber panel industry has certainly changed for the better over the years, coming a long way from its beginnings as a roof-decking product. With the introduction of Cardinal Acoustics and how it manufactures and sells wood fiber products differently, the industry made another change for the better.

Shedding an Unwanted Nickname

Wood fiber panels’ practical uses were over-shadowed by a lack of attractiveness early on. In the 1950s, the panels were primarily used as the structural support for roofs, and they quickly earned the nicknames “Spaghetti Board” and “Shredded Wheat Board”. Then, in the early 1990s, interior specifications began to include wood fiber panels. Once the product gained acceptance inside of buildings and as its superior acoustical properties were more recognized, beginning in the early 2000s, it began to frequently show up in designs. Consequently, demand for wood fiber panels increased rapidly.

The only problem with this increase in demand, however, was the industry lacked suppliers. There wasn’t much competition or focus on meeting the creative needs of builders and architects. And this is where Cardinal Acoustics has really made a difference.  

Since its inception, Cardinal Acoustics has strived to create change through innovation. We’ve increased wood fiber product variety and design options, improved product quality and environmental friendliness, and most importantly, created a new high-water mark in customer service. It’s our mission to work with our customers and distributors to solve problems and meet their needs – to support them in every way we can. It’s a main reason customers give for working with us.

Better Product

Cardinal Acoustics offers the industry’s leading variety of available standard panel thicknesses (including 5/8-inch, 1-inch, 1-and-1/2-inch). In addition to our Cloud line and custom cutting options that include almost unlimited shapes, our product can be custom painted to any palette allowing architects almost infinite design options.

Along with more design options, Cardinal Acoustics’ products provide superior sound absorption even when compared to panels of greater thickness from competitors. This means consumers can purchase thinner panels and achieve the same or better results accompanied by easier installation. Cardinal Acoustics’ more environmentally friendly panels require less raw material and ship more efficiently. Our customers appreciate having aesthetically pleasing—and extremely effective—acoustical panel products.

A Better Customer Experience

Perhaps most significantly, Cardinal Acoustics has brought permanent change to the industry by working closely with our customers—from a project’s beginning to completion. We place checks and balances on every order. If something seems out of place, our standard operating procedure is to reach out to the contractor to double check and make sure the order will meet their needs. Like any partner, we’re not perfect, but we make things right with our customers and provide the best purchasing experience in the business.

What’s Next

The acoustical panel industry’s service keeps getting better, and Cardinal Acoustics will continue to meet – and exceed - the expectations of contractors, architects, and distributors. Cardinal Acoustics’ recent growth includes expanding to a new warehouse, installing a new paint line, and innovating designs such as 3-D effects for fiber 3-D panels. We have been and will continue to be changemakers in the acoustical panel industry and we’re here to stay.  

Reach out to us to learn more about how our acoustical panels can absorb excess sound and beautify spaces.